Repentance and Confession: Saint Nektarios

Repentance and Confession: Saint Nektarios

St Nektarios

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Confession is the life-saving medicine for society because it is capable of saving many souls from destruction...Confession from a moral standpoint is the greatest benefaction of the Church to society. The spiritual father is the moral phyhsician of society. He alone is capable of intercepting all the bad things that afflict society today...This is what confession is from a moral standpoint, which we unfortunately have not realized and have abandoned. This is why many bady things exist, which afflict society. - St. Nektarios.

This initial volume entitled "Repentance and Confession" is the first of any of Saint Nektarios' works to be translated into English. It is vital for every Orthodox Christian who is concerned about the salvation of his soul to read this theological yet concise and easily understood study on a much-neglected commandment of God.

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