The Church and Contemporary Youth

The Church and Contemporary Youth

Monk Moses

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The Church and Contemporary Youth by Monk Moses the Athonite

Fr. Moses the Athonite lived Mount Athos secretly, heartily and poetically. He tried to comprehend the secret voice of the Holy Mountain and then he captured it in speeches, books, writings and teachings, poetically. He had a sensitive artistic nature, a true poet, like Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyva wanted the Christian to be. He approached the monks with tenderness and reason, so that his tenderness was not the result of an uncompromising emotionality, and his rationality was not expressed as rationalism. He wonderfully brought together the secret life with the social life, the unspoken with the spoken, the devout with the triumphant. This is shown clearly in his literary and historical texts. Finally, Fr. Moses was a balanced monk who was touched deeply and soberly by the eros of God and the Garden of the Panagia.


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