The Elder Arch. Anthimos K. Vagianos (1869-1960)

The Elder Arch. Anthimos K. Vagianos (1869-1960)

Panayia the Helper Monastery

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Our father among the saints Anthimus of Chios was a monastic of the twentieth century. He founded the Monastery of Panagia Voithia on the Island of Chios. His feast day is February 15.

Fr. Anthimus established a monastery on Chios that became, in 1930, the Monastery of Panaghia Voethia (The Virgin of Assistance), having deflected the opposition of many who said that setting up such a community was out of date. The monastery soon grew to eighty nuns and was known throughout Greece as a model of monastic life. Fr. Anthimos served as priest to the nuns. He also received many visiting faithful, as many as sixty or seventy persons each day, who came to him for prayer or counsel. Fr. Anthimus carried on this ministry for more than thirty years, working many miracles of healing. When he was too old to work with his hands, he retired to his cell and prayed that he be enabled to serve his neighbor until his last breath.

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