The Fluttering of Wings in Beautiful Worlds

The Fluttering of Wings in Beautiful Worlds

Mother Superior Eugenia Kleidara

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The late Abbess Eugenia, the "Holy Mother", first came to the place where the tombs of the Saints were found, in 1964, after she had been invited by St. Raphael himself and the late Metropolitan Iakovos Kleomvrotou of Mytilene, who immediately appointed her as an Abbess of the St. Raphael Monastery.

Her personal offer to the community was major and endless; scholarships, funding for schools, establishment of nursery schools etc. Her talent in writing was great; she composed poems, and she wrote novels and Christian biographies accredited her various international awards.

Her well acclaimed books (170 internationally awarded) are delivered all over the globe, while some of them have already been translated in various languages. Her books were the only source of income for the late Abbess Eugenia which she used to erect the Monastery and fund her great cultural and social work. (21 × 14 cm)

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