The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

Archimandrite George Abbott of the Holy Monastery of St Gregorios Mt Athos

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This book takes the reader through the Lord's Prayer phrase by phrase. Fr George regularly gives us the comments of St Maximus the Confessor, Gregory of Nyssa, St Nektarios, and others to help us to penetrate the depth which the prayer contains. It is the most frequently used prayer in all Christian communities and occurs (we are told) sixteen times daily in the standard cycle of services in Orthodox monasteries (twenty-two times each weekday in Lent).

In a very helpful way Fr George suggests that the prayer to the Holy Spirit, 'O heavenly King', should be understood as an expansion of the petition 'thy Kingdom come'. Maximus the Confessor and other Church Fathers link this petition with the coming of the Spirit and our cleansing from the passions, something which must take place if God is to reign in our lives. For only then do Christ's words, 'the Kingdom of God is within you', become true for us. Fr George understands 'daily bread' to refer both to material and to spiritual bread, and rightly points to the position of the Lord's Prayer just before communion in the Orthodox Liturgy.

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