St. Genevieve: A Woman for all Ages

St. Genevieve: A Woman for all Ages

Irene Rodak-Rydelek

  • $35.00

Saint Genevieve, Patroness of Paris, is one of the Saints of the West, canonized before the Great Schism in 1054, whose lives and  works inspire, and from whom we can draw strength through prayer and veneration.

Saint Genevieve, a real, human person, a real woman filled with God’s Holy Spirit, a vessel through which grace was poured into this world. St. Genevieve was a woman of prayer and ascetic discipline whose spiritual strength gave strength and courage to men. It brought deliverance to the City of Paris when it was threatened with death, starvation and destruction. 

Her words to the people of Paris: “Have faith in God – He will not abandon us – if we fast and pray and keep our faith; trust in Him. Remember how He helped us in the past” ring true for us in our troubled times.

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