We Cook, We Pray, We Learn

We Cook, We Pray, We Learn

Melackrinos & Kyriacou

  • $10.00

Pages: 22

14 x 19 cm

Joy is at the heart of everything in the Christian life. This joy should permeate our lives especially our homes and particularly our kitchens. This book contains recipes which remind us of the many reasons we have for celebrating our Orthodox Christian faith with joy. Recipes are provided for the Eucharistic Bread Offering (Prosfora), the Blessing of the Loaves (Artoclasia), Tsoureki (Easter Bread), Koliva (Boiled Wheat kernels for Memorial Prayers), Phanouropita (A Special Sweet Bread honoring St. Phanourios), Slavic Easter Baskets (Babka), and Vasilopita (St. Basil's Bread). Explanations included.

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