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Beauty for Ashes: The Spiritual Transformation of a Modern Greek Community

Stephen R. Lloyd-Moffett

Pages: 223

This story of profound spiritual transformation demonstrates how a bishop and a local monastery turned a village riddled by scandal into one of the most spiritually vibrant towns in all of Greece. The book covers the political history and religious character of the region of Nikopolis, from time of the Apostle Paul in 63 AD to the arrival of Bishop Meletios in 1980.

With great sensitivity, the author deals with the issue of sexual misconduct within the church, the restoration of the local church to spiritual health, and the renewed trust between church leaders and the laity. He focuses on the actions of the local monastic community and their leader, Bishop Meletios, who applied his ancient faith in a modern context to bring about social and religious change. This true story from Greece is an inspirational and valuable resource for seekers of Christian Orthodoxy.