The Orthodox Psalter, full-size edition with commentary.

The Orthodox Psalter, full-size edition with commentary.

Holy Apostles Convent

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Psalms and Nine Biblical Odes, translated from the Septuagint and the Greek Psalterion authorized by the Church of Greece.

This new revised and expanded 2nd edition can be used in the divine offices of the Church. Twenty groups of Psalms, called kathismata, have been arranged and versified according to the Greek Psalterion.

Although the Septuagint numbering of Psalms is used, yet KJV numbering also appears.

Six expanded Tables of Usage are furnished, as well as a general listing of the Psalms for daily services as provided in The Great Horologion, and an alphabetical list of introductory verse of each Psalm.

As with our former publication of THE ORTHODOX NEW TESTAMENT in two volumes, this publication also equips the reader with Patristic Commentary and notes on select verses and inscriptions of the book of Psalms.

The full-sized version is a sturdy black Smyth-sewn case-bound book, with gold stamping, and a burgundy double-sided grosgrain ribbon marker.

Black and red printing of text throughout, on high-opacity acid-free 80-pound creamy pages, in a very easy-to-read 14-point bold typeface for the Psalms, and a readable and clear 10-point typeface for the Commentary.

Words of God and others are set in quotation marks.

Bibliography furnished for Commentary. Illustrated.

Pages: 438 (16 x 23 cm)

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