The Orthodox Psalter, full-size edition with commentary.

The Orthodox Psalter, full-size edition with commentary.

Holy Apostles Convent

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Full-sized (15.9x23.5cm) English version of the Psalms and Nine Biblical Odes, translated from the Septuagint and the Greek Psalterion authorized by the Church of Greece.

This new revised and expanded 3rd edition can be used in the divine offices of the Church. Twenty groups of Psalms, called kathismata, have been arranged and versified according to the Greek Psalterion.

Although the Septuagint numbering of Psalms is used, yet KJV numbering also appears. Six expanded Tables of Usage are furnished, as well as a general listing of the Psalms for daily services as provided in The Great Horologion, and an alphabetical list of introductory verse of each Psalm.

This Psalter uses ecclesiastical English, which is most faithful to the original Greek, and diligently compared with the Psalterion of the Church of Greece, published by Apostolike Diakonia.

The full-sized version with Commentary, reflecting the Orthodox perspective and interpretation of the spiritual insights of the holy Fathers from the East and West, promises to be an enriched reading experience that resonates with understanding of God’s word through the Psalmist David and others.

This is a one-of-a-kind Psalter which borrows from the whole spectrum of patristic authority for a dependable and valuable resource, not only for Church readings, but also for devotional reading, Bible study, sermon preparation, and teaching.


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