About the Orthodox Mission Bookstore

History of the Orthodox Mission Bookstore

‘It is both a real fortune, and a fearful misfortune! Whether people hear, or don’t hear the word of God depends on us.’

When two young Greek Australian students read these words in 1954, they looked at each other and said “Could it be that these words are aimed at us? We are surrounded by so much ignorance, so much religious indifference!”

The optimism of their youth, however, did not allow them to feel discouraged by the spiritual desert that they found themselves in.
After weeks of thought, they came to a decision: They would bring Christian books from Greece which would clearly and correctly preach the word of God.

They spoke to their parish priests and were encouraged by them, as well as the Metropolitan Bishop of Australia, who also greatly welcomed the idea. The initial missionary work began.

The books started to come in. At first, they were slow to sell, but within a few months they became quite popular. In a short time, three young men joined their efforts and lent their help to this missionary effort. It was a clear blessing from God.

After the Christmas of 1954, the Metropolitan of Australia, Theophylaktos, suggested that they establish a Christian youth society, which would be able to attract other young men who were arriving in Australia from Greece. 

The initial activities of this Christian society were teaching Sunday schools and selling Christian books at the parishes of Αγία Σοφία in Paddington, and Αγία Τριάδα in Surry Hills, both in New South Wales, Australia.

Eventually, in 1976, a brick and mortar bookstore was established in Enmore. After many years, in 2010, the bookstore was relocated to Kingsgrove and was opened and officially blessed by His Grace Bishop Seraphim with the name ‘Orthodox Mission Bookstore’.

By the Grace of God, and after more than 60 years , the Orthodox Mission Bookstore continues in its mission to support and further the work of the Orthodox Church in Australia. 

Our online store is an extension of these missionary foundations that have been laid. We have provided books to many people, all over the world. Glory to God!

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