The Living Body of Christ

The Living Body of Christ

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

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In this collection of talks and interviews, previously unpublished in book form, Metropolitan Anthony discusses the nature of 'Church' and what we mean when we speak of the Church as being the body of Christ. He discusses the development of the early Church, its mission and its historical legacy, and offers insights into where the contemporary Church finds itself. He explores what the vocation of the Church should be, and our role within that, with his customary accessibility and simplicity of style. '...our vocation is - and the vocation of the Church is - to be an icon of the Holy Trinity. The only real structure, the only real way in which the Church can be formed so as to fulfil its vocation is by expressing in all its being these relationships within the Holy Trinity: relationships of love, relationships of freedom, relationships of holiness.'

Pages: 264 (13 x 19.8 cm)

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