Thy Will Be Done: Strategic Leadership, Planning, and Management for Christians

Thy Will Be Done: Strategic Leadership, Planning, and Management for Christians

Peter M. Danilchick

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Peter Danilchick, a protodeacon and retired corporate executive, brings his experience and expertise to bear on the meaning, challenges, and techniques of strategic leadership, planning, and management for Christians. Many books examine these skills from a business perspective, but none have incorporated the timeless wisdom of the Orthodox faith. Thy Will Be Done serves as a bridge between the ecclesiastical and corporate worlds, drawing on Scripture and the Church fathers, together with the strategies and best practices of the business world.

In this unique book the meaning and goals of leadership are explored, and readers discover their vocation as Christian leaders: prophets, priests, and kings who by virtue of their baptism are called to servant leadership. We further learn about those called to ordained service (deacons, priests, and bishops), who exemplify the threefold ministry of service, sacrifice, and oversight.

Danilchick then unfolds the steps of strategic planning, and the day-to-day concerns of strategic management: board governance, ethics and compliance issues, organizing and running meetings, reaching agreement with disagreeable people, HR management, organizational finances, stewardship reports, and fundraising. From the mystical to the practical, from the hesychastic fathers to compliance with tax regulations, Christian leaders will find the tools that equip them to lead, to plan, and to manage as Christians, in both the Church and the world.

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