Jesus Christ and the Temple

Jesus Christ and the Temple

Professor Georges A. Barrois

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In the beginning, God spoke the Word; and God's Word was addressed to the Fathers of the Old Testament. In the fullness of time, the eternally begotten would be born a man. St Luke relates how Joseph and Mary presented the child to the Lord and how they went up as a family to Jerusalem for Passover. As a grown-up, Jesus traveled with his disciples to attend the feasts of the Temple, and St John follows the rhythm of the Temple calendar in composing the Gospel. Professor Barrois uses his wisdom and scholarship to describe the epic of salvation in the manner of a diptych, whose leaves ought not to be read separately - The Old Testament: the pattern of Hebrew worship and the religion of the Temple; The New Testament: the earthly life of the Messiah ushering in the new age, as the Church looks to the life of the world to come.

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