Counsels from the Holy Mountain

Counsels from the Holy Mountain

Elder Ephraim

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The Holy Mountain is an ancient community of Orthodox Christian monks in Greece which has been a beacon of sanctity throughout the centuries. Its unbroken chain of saints has preserved the wisdom and traditions of the Holy Fathers intact. From this sacred lineage comes Elder Ephraim, a disciple of the renowned Elder Joseph the Hesychast who handed down to him his wealth of holiness and wisdom as a sacred legacy. This blessed inheritance is being shared throughout North America through the many monasteries he has founded, and now all may partake of it through this translation.

This book is a treasury of personal counsels and homilies given by the Elder that clearly delineate the Patristic path to sanctification. He gives advice on every aspect of the spiritual struggle with insight acquired from his experience as a monk for more than fifty years and as the spiritual father of countless clergy, monastics, and laymen.

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