Wise Lives

Wise Lives

Patrick Henry Reardon

  • $25.00

Pages: 200

21.5 x 13.8 cm

In the bitter conflict over the Holy Land, two generations of families-one Israeli and one Palestinian-fight for their survival and their own piece of the Promised Land.

Hardened by life in a Nazi concentration camp, cynical Ellie finds himself in a battle on behalf of the Jewish people, vowing to ensure their suffering will not be in vain. Overseas, Yasif, a Palestinian who left his home country at a young age to study in America, is mysteriously drawn into the struggle by an entity known only as the voice.

Underneath the bloody encounters of Ellie, Yasif, and their respective families runs a current of hope and belief in the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. But the unending cycle of violence and heartbreak threatens to prevent such a resolution-while the possibility of peace exists, so does its explosive alternative.

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