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Mwangi: A Young African Boy's Journey of Faith

Renee Ritsi

Pages: 32

22 x 28 cm

In a far away country in Africa, Mwangi lives in a small village where he helps his mother with their family. He yearns to go to school, where the world will open up for him. One day an Orthodox priest arrives in Mwangi's village, and everything changes... As an overseas missionary with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center for many years, Presbytera Renee Ritsi tells this heart-warming story from the standpoint of her extensive knowledge of both African culture and Orthodox mission work. Mwangi tells a story of the hope which Orthodoxy offers to people who have never heard the Gospel message. Written for children, this hardbound book is filled with lively illustrations created by Cameron Thorp. The illustrations convey the warm and vibrant colors of East Africa. In many countries the Orthodox Church is spreading because dedicated indigenous people are motivated to live a Christ-filled life and share the gem of their faith with others who do not know Christ. Mwangi chronicles this growth and introduces the culture and customs of East Africa.