The Festive Fast

The Festive Fast

Marigoula Kokkinou & Georgia Kofinas

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The Festive Fast: A guide to olive oil and vegetarian cuisine

 By Marigoula Kokkinou - Georgia Kofinas

From the Prologue written by His Grace Bishop Maxim:

Dear reader—who realizes how many in this world are either overfed or malnourished, eating soulless and bloodless diets, aspiring to have ageless bodies and perpetual well-being—open the pages of this book to learn more from the culinary expertise of the authors. By following the guidelines of ascetical exercise through nutrition, in connection with the Christian Orthodox worldview and ecclesial practice, one can realize how human physical and psychological fulfillment is attained.

This is what you will be shown by Marigoula Kokkinou and Georgia Kofinas, the authors of this book, which I recommend to you. Keeping a proper way of nourishment and fasting will lead you to a balanced stance in life, by which we overcome the passions of self-love and avarice. This balance can serve as a means of sanctification for man. The way of nourishment suggested in The Festive Fast, inspired by the Eucharist, vivifies and nourishes everyone, whether they live as monks in the desert or struggle as ordinary believers within society.

 262 pages, hard bound