Laurel and the Wind

Laurel and the Wind

Gaelan Gilbert

  • $30.00

At night, the wind blows through the rigging of the boat where Laurel lives. Sweet aromas float across the water and surprise her—as though they’d traveled from another land. One night, Laurel is transported across the water to an ancient world of mystery.

In this gorgeously illustrated and poetically written story, you will discover the wonder of Byzantium’s capital city, Constantinople, at the height of its glory. At the center is the magnificent church of Holy Wisdom, where the worship of God unfolds in splendor while the wind dances through the trees. This book will cultivate in the young a taste for the mystical and rekindle wonder in adult readers. In the waking dreams of a single little girl, this edifying tale explores in an alluring whirlwind both the power of remembrance and the beauty of truth, all centered around Christ’s glorious resurrection.

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