Sweet Scented Journey

Sweet Scented Journey

Fr Dionysios Tampakis

  • $45.00

Mount Athos—also known as the “Holy Mountain” and the “Garden of the Panagia”—is the spiritual center of Orthodox Christianity. For more than a thousand years, this sacred peninsula in northeastern Greece has been home to monks, hermits, and countless grace-filled saints. In Sweet-scented Journey, the reader is presented with a treasury of insights direct from the Holy Mountain itself. With wit, concision, and profound simplicity, the monks and elders quoted in this volume address a host of important topics ranging from patience and prayer, humility and repentance, passions and forgiveness, to marriage and children, judgment and salvation, love for the Holy Mother and God’s love for us.

Whether you have already made the pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain or are simply an interested inquirer, Sweet-scented Journey will make you smile and think as it nourishes the soul and speaks directly to the heart.

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