The Orthodox Church in the World

The Orthodox Church in the World

Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

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Reading The Orthodox Church in the World we discover that encounters with Christians in other countries will help us to understand that, as Orthodox Christians, we have the same faith and belong to one spiritual family that transcends nationalism.

The Orthodox Church in the World includes subjects as: Personalism and Person, Theology as Science and as Charisma, The Hesychastic Life according to St Basil the Great,Bringing Up Children Today, Dogma and Ethicsand Orthodox Psychotherapy. There are interviews on Therapy and Truth and The Theology of St Gregory Palamas and the Scholasticism of Barlaam, and the final chapter is devoted to St Paissy Velichkovsky – A Great Hesychast Father who “unites the Holy Mountain with the Balkans and Russia.”

An unusual feature of The Orthodox Church in the World is the record of the wide-ranging discussions that took place between the author the audience after each talk. Answers are given on issues of the spiritual life, which will help the clergy, monks and laypeople, parents and young people. True theology can transform society. The author points out to his audience the great importance and value of the Church’s hesychastic tradition, which gives meaning to life.

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