The Priest of Spinalonga

The Priest of Spinalonga

Panagiota Traka

  • $20.00

«I believe that what I did is not so significant. Every servant of the Lord, every Christian would do the same. I helped, as much as I could our fellow humans carry their cross to their personal Golgotha. Besides, no illness is transmitted through the Holy Communion, through Christ’s Body and Blood».

This is what Father Chrysanthos said concerning his self-sacrifice to the lepers of Spinalonga. His words hide inner strength, a grandeur that only the true heroes can express!

With his bright vivid example, his strict ascetic life and the corresponding divine state, he proved that the way towards to God passes through the true and practical love for people.

A book that instills in children’s souls the spirit of self-offering and sacrificial ministry towards each and every human being who is in difficulties, giving strength and illumination to young people.

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