Empirical Dogmatics, Volume I

Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos

  • $55.00

Empirical Dogmatics of the Orthodox Catholic Church, Volume 1: Dogma, Ethics, Revelation

This is the first of two volumes in which Metropolitan Hierotheos presents Father John Romanides’ vivid teaching about what the Orthodox Church believes. Solidly based on the teaching of the Fathers, the approach is nevertheless unconventional and surprising. Here dogmatics is based on experience:  “Dogma is not to be believed. Dogma is to be experienced.”  Fr John draws parallels between theology and the positive sciences, particularly medicine and astronomy. The method proposed for approaching the teachings of the Church is experiment, experience, observation and recording, followed by verification of success. The aim is man’s glorification, which is reached by way of purification and illumination. Living saints and holy relics are tangible evidence for the authenticity of this experience, which transforms the whole human being, body and soul. The experience of glorification is the experience of Pentecost. It is empirical realities such as those described in this book that inspire Orthodox Christians today and draw Christians of other Confessions to explore the Orthodox Church.

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