Crazy John: Volume 1

Crazy John: Volume 1

Dionysios A. Makris

  • $25.00

Yes, how about impacting your entire town for the Kingdom of God on a meager salary working as a part-time baker's helper? This strange Greek fellow lived in a small neighborhood outside of Athens; and wasn't even well behaved as a Christian fellow much of the time. He made a big difference however. Yes, he acted way odd a lot of the time, was numbered among the fools. The rough kids in town would beat him up often and he didn't even have the sense to complain; just prayed for them. He prayed so much on occasion he would get forgetful and go unnoticed. Distracted by prayer he went unnoticed and got locked inside the church for the night; and was taken for a robber come morning. He kept praying anyway.

Incredible story here how the town gathered for his memorial after his death, a story told masterfully and simply in this book. The whole book and that entire funeral tale made me think of the closing scene of Frank Capra's movie Its A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. Only this particular life happened for real.

(Pages: 132)

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