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Saint Spyridon of Tremithus: Boast of the Orthodox

Sotos Chondropoulos

Describing the life of the humble and little educated Shepherd from Tremithus in Cyprus, Bishop Spyridon, whose relic is now located on the island of Corfu. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit it has remained incorrupt for centuries. Solos Chondropoylos brings to life a great figure of the Church at a time when we anxiously seek models and signposts in order to find the right path in life. The descriptions of the miracles that St. Spyridon performed in Cyprus, Corfu, Nicaea and elsewhere, whether during his life or after his repose, leave the reader profoundly amazed.The miracle of the snake that turned to gold, and then became a snake again, the miracle with the tile at the first Council of Nicaea and others are vividly retold by the author.