Saint Mark of Ephesos

Saint Mark of Ephesos

Constantine Cavarnos

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An overview of the life and works of Saint Mark of Ephesus.

The present work on the great Church luminary, St. Mark of Ephesos, is the latest volume from the pen of Professor Constantine Cavarnos, one of the more distinguished and celebrated Orthodox writers of our times. This eloquent biography is based on the pious life of Mark that appeared in a book on the Saint by St. Athanasios Parios, a post-Byzantine Greek Hieromonk and intellectual (1721-1813) known by the telling sobriquet, “Great Teacher of the [Greek] Nation,” who was an important member of, and active apologist for, the Kollyvádes movement on Mt. Athos. Professor Cavarnos’ summary of St. Mark’s life is followed by an informative discussion of the Saint’s published and unpublished works, as well as percipient and enlightening comments about his importance as a philosopher, and as a hymnographer, also an area in which St. Mark excelled.

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